Workers' Compensation Insurance Solutions

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<h2><a class="local" href="/nys-public-entities-safety-group-497">NYS Public Entities Safety Group 497</a></h2>

NYS Public Entities Safety Group 497

Workers' compensation insurance for NY public entities.

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<h2><a class="local" href="/safety-central">Safety Central</a></h2>

Safety Central

Resources to help reduce workplace injuries.

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<h2><a class="local" href="/nys-school-safety-group-491">NYS School Safety Group 491</a></h2>

NYS School Safety Group 491

Workers' compensation insurance for NY schools.

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Workers' Compensation Insurance Specialists

Glatfelter Brokerage Services, a division of Glatfelter Insurance Group, has been a specialist in New York Workers’ Compensation insurance for over forty years. Our dedicated associates provide targeted solutions to not only help our customers reduce workplace accidents and control claim costs but to also provide a financially secure insurance market.

Based in Clifton Park, New York, GBS currently manages over 550 policies through its two safety group programs — NYS Public Entities Safety Group 497 and NYS School Safety Group 491 — which are comprised mainly of schools and public entities. In addition to these two programs, GBS also offers other specialized workers' compensation insurance solutions.

Our goal is to serve as trusted advisors to our clients and achieve long-term relationships focused on bringing value to your risk management and insurance needs.

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Workers' compensation resources tailored for agents and brokers

Broker Resources
Tools to assist with client submissions and the servicing of your policies.

<h2><a class="local" href="/agents-and-brokers">Broker Resources</a></h2>

Need an application?

Applications and documents to place coverage with NYSIF and the Safety Groups.

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<h2><a class="local" href="/how-to-file-an-insurance-claim">How Do I File a Claim?</a></h2>

How do I file a claim?

Steps to take and information to gather.

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