Workers' Compensation Insurance Solutions

How To File a Claim

steps for how to file a workers' compensation insurance claim

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In the event of an accident or injury, it is advised to follow these steps:

  1. Provide immediate medical attention to the injured worker.
  2. Complete an Internal Incident Report.
  3. Provide a Claimant Information Packet to injured worker. (This does not apply to volunteer firefighter/ambulance worker claims).
  4. File a notice of injury with NYSIF eFROI (Electronic First Report of Injury) within 10 days from injury date.
  5. Once the claim is filed with NYSIF, provide the assigned case number to the injured worker.
  6. Complete and submit any other required forms that are requested by the carrier (C-11, C-107, C-240).
  7. If the claim involves an automobile accident or crime, provide the police report to NYSIF.


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