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NYS Safety Group 497 Executive Committee

The Safety Group 497 Executive Committee is composed of elected representatives from the membership at large. The committee retains the Group Manager and meets several times a year to evaluate the group accounting, and when appropriate, recommends an annual dividend.

The committee also formulates and conducts a sound safety program to:

  1. Help prevent occupational and other accidents, diseases and losses.
  2. Provide for improved medical care of employees.
  3. Reduce the cost of insurance to members.
  4. Represent Group 497 before appropriate bodies and agencies.
  5. Disseminate safety information to others.

Current Members

Bruce D. Guttenplan    Marc R. Smith 
 Chairman         Vice Chairman
Bullville Fire District         Town of Lockport
Chris Boltz         Bob Lemieux
West Seneca Fire District #3   Delmar Fire District
 John Giordano
 Village of Lynbrook